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Integration of Shopify SAP Business One

Integration of Shopify SAP Business One

The Shopify and SAP Business One link may optimize your corporate data and automate crucial business procedures.

This specialized Shopify SAP Business One connection solution automates the flow of crucial order management activities, including orders, customer information, product data, stock, and pricing. Additionally, it offers Fraud Risk Assessment (FRA), which automatically suspends charges in SAP Business One with medium to high fraud risk and notifies an administrator.Integrates SAP with Shopify?

Data entities between SAP and Shopify are automatically synchronized through the SAP connector for Shopify. The API-based interface enables Shopify eCommerce to access SAP data, including customer, product, pricing, order, invoice, and delivery information.

How does Shopify integrate?

Giving a third-party app access to a Shopify e-data store to add that app’s particular capabilities to the platform’s default features is known as “Shopify integration.” This makes it possible for Shopify and integrable software to collaborate.

Benefits of This Solution:

Once deployed, this tried-and-true, reasonably priced Shopify and SAP Business One solution will function as a virtual employee for your firm, improving business performance right away.

The Shopify integration solution for SAP Business One comes with the following standard modules:

  • Manage Customer Accounts: One, including the customer’s billing and shipping information, the delivery method, the payment method, the number of items ordered, and the product code and description.
  • Upload the Shopify sales order status from SAP Business One: Works in conjunction with the transactional order status logic included in Shopify’s fulfillment (part shipment, full shipping) system.
  • Construct incoming a/r invoices and payments: Create an invoice for accounts receivable, etc.
  • Fraud Risk Assessment (FRA): If orders are determined to have a medium or high risk of fraud, SAP Business One will automatically halt them without allocating any stock and notify the administrator.
  • Automate Pricing and Inventory Updates: SAP Business inventory update uploading price changes to Shopify.
  • Automated Product Updates: this is step one. SKU, description, tax class, weight, retail price, and extent in the stock.
  • Notifications & Alerts: If an income manner fails, music transactions, seem to be for mistakes, and ship an inside notice.
  • Additional Services and Integrations: Support for a couple of Shopify sites, a guide for a range of B2B scenarios, courier integration, PO consignment automation, automatic choose listing creation, dispatch notice creation, and shipment alerts.

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